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Data protection
In accordance with current and applicable legislation on personal data protection, we inform you that your data will be incorporated into the processing system owned by MEDICINA ORAL SL with NIF B96689336 and registered office at DANIEL BALACIART 4 46020, VALENCIA, and that the respective purposes, retention periods and legitimate bases are listed below. For those processing operations that so require, we also inform you of the possible creation of profiles and automated decisions, as well as the possible assignments and international transfers that MEDICINA ORAL SL plans to carry out:

Management of the website
Purpose: Processing and management of the data necessary for the functionality of the website.
Retention period: for as long as the consent provided lasts
Legitimate basis: The consent of the data subject
Type of data: Merely identifying data
Transfers: Not foreseen
International transfers: Not foreseen
Profiling: Not foreseen.
Web form
Purpose: To deal with your queries and/or requests
Retention period: For as long as the consent given is maintained.
Legitimate basis: The consent of the data subject
Type of data: Merely identifying data
Transfers: None
International transfers: None foreseen
Profiling: Not foreseen.

Management of regulatory compliance
Purpose: Management and processing of the obligations and duties deriving from compliance with the regulations to which the entity is subject.
Conservation period: conservation of the copies of the documents until the statute of limitations for claiming possible liability has expired.
Legitimate basis: compliance with a law
Type of data: Purely identifying data
Transfers: your data will be communicated, if necessary, to bodies and/or public administrations with competence in the matter in order to comply with the obligations established in the applicable regulations. Furthermore, we inform you that the legitimate basis for the transfer is to comply with the obligations established in the applicable regulations.
International transfers: Not foreseen
Profiling: Not foreseen.

User registration
Purpose: Collection, registration and processing of data in order to be able to register as a user.
Retention period: For the duration of the consent given.
Legitimate basis: The consent of the data subject
Type of data: Merely identifying data
Transfers: Not foreseen
International transfers: Not foreseen
Profiling: Not foreseen.

Rights of interested parties
MEDICINA ORAL SL informs Users that they may exercise their rights of access, rectification, limitation, deletion, portability and opposition to the processing of their personal data before the Data Controller, as well as the withdrawal of the consent given.
Right of Access: This is the user’s right to obtain information about their specific personal data and the processing that has been carried out or is carried out, as well as the information available about the origin of said data and the communications made or planned for said data.
Right of rectification: This is the right of the data subject to have data that proves to be inaccurate or incomplete amended. It may only be satisfied in relation to information that is under the control of MEDICINA ORAL SL, for example, delete comments posted on the page itself, images or web content containing personal data of the user.
Right to the Limitation of processing: This is the right to limit the purposes of processing originally intended by the data controller.
Right of Deletion: This is the right to delete the user’s personal data, with the exception of the provisions of the GDPR itself or other applicable regulations that determine the obligatory nature of the conservation of the same, in time and form.
Right of portability: The right to receive the personal data that the user has provided, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, and to transmit them to another data controller.
Right of Opposition: This is the user’s right not to carry out the processing of personal data or to cease the processing thereof by MEDICINA ORAL SL.
In order to exercise any of the rights described above, you must comply with the following requirements:

Submission of a letter to the address DANIEL BALACIART 4 46020, VALENCIA (for the attention of MEDICINA ORAL SL) or by e-mail
The letter sent by the owner of the data requesting the exercise must comply with the following legal requirements:
o Name, surname(s) of the data subject and a copy of the DNI/NIE or any other identifying document. In the exceptional cases in which representation is admitted, the identification by the same means of the person representing the data subject will also be necessary, as well as the document accrediting the representation. The photocopy of the DNI may be substituted provided that the identity is accredited by any other legally valid means.
o Request in which the request is made (the year in which the information to which access is sought is requested). If you do not refer to a specific file, you will be provided with all the information we have on your personal data. If you request information on a
advice and adaptation to the lssi-ce – documentation
file in particular, only the information of this file. If you request information relating to a third party, it will never be provided. If you request it by telephone, you will be instructed to do so in writing and you will be informed of how to do so and the address to which you should send it. You will never be given information over the telephone.
o Address for the purpose of notifications.
o Date and signature of the applicant.
o Documents accrediting the request being made.
o The interested party must use any means that allows accreditation of the sending and receipt of the request.
Finally, we inform you that you have the right to file a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency in the event that you become aware of or consider that a fact may involve a breach of the applicable regulations on data protection.
MEDICINA ORAL SL undertakes to adopt the necessary technical and organisational measures, in accordance with the level of risk associated with the processing carried out by them and indicated in the section of the terms and conditions of use, so as to ensure their integrity, confidentiality and availability.


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